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Explosion- a discovery is an exhibition that ventures on a bold task to fix and analyse an elusive moment in the disegno. This blog is used as an virtual working journal making it possible to show work in progress.

Oct 16, 2009

I have to look at the sun / invisible explosion

I have to look at the sun when it comes out. I have to. I stare at it until my eyes ache, until my retinas burn. Then I’ll look into the middle distance and for a while I can still see the sun blazing right in front of me, following me as I turn my head. Only I can see it. It disappears but I stay for a while and think about what I’ve just seen. You have to do this during the dark times. The sun is beautiful. Clouds are often quick to cover and you may not get to see it again for days, even weeks. But you’ve got to remember what you felt when you saw it. How you rushed to catch it and you must never let go.

text © by Owen Skleton

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