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Explosion- a discovery is an exhibition that ventures on a bold task to fix and analyse an elusive moment in the disegno. This blog is used as an virtual working journal making it possible to show work in progress.

Nov 14, 2010

The upcoming exhibition tries to approach explosions on an abstract level, comparing them with other phenomena like sunrays, the vanishing point, or our perception of space and time. Underlying principles, parallels and similarities help to understand what seems to be the exact opposite on first glance.  An explosion is the creator of space and time and therefore the exact opposite of eternity. Life

Excerpt from Harry Mullish:
The Discovery of heaven

“Perspective was discovered in the fifteenth century. Up till then God had always fitted very naturally into the space of a painting, a Madonna and child for example, but that space itself was unnatural. He simply sat on a throne in the blue sky, above the Madonna, with some circles and stars around him: or on the left you had St.Dionysius wearing an elegant mitre in a dungeon and on the right later after his head had been chopped off, and in the center Christ, naked on the cross hundreds of years earlier, surrounded by the twelve apostles in bishop’s robes: all of that quite naturally in one impossible space at one impossible moment.
But with the discovery of central perspective, natural space and natural time were defined. Someone on a chair in the sky would fall down, and things that followed each other could not happen simultaneously. So that was the beginning of the end of eternity.

(...) but modern art has abandoned perspective again. (...)Take Picasso. With him you don’t see any nonsimultaneous happenings, like in medieval paintings, but you do see spacial impossibilities, like the front and side of a face at the same time, and in the theory of relativity you find all those temporal and spatial oddities in scientific form.”

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